I'm an editorial travel and food photographer, based in London (UK)

My work has been focusing on the Mediterranean area; I have travelled and I keep travelling on a regular basis through Southern Europe, both on assignments and for personal projects with the aim of documenting the real life and soul of these amazing countries with a fresh non-stereotypical approach. I love to mix simple everyday narratives of people's lives, food and creative behaviours with a fine art / contemporary photography touch, capturing details and moods that are often overlooked.
I've photographed for many international clients such as Quadrille Books (UK) Ink GLobal (UK) Murdoch Books (Australia/U.K), Vogue Entertaining and Travel (Australia), Departures Magazine (USA), Vogue (Greece), OjoDePez (Spain), ARS MAGAZINE (SPAIN) Auberge-Mag (USA), Kyle Books (U.K.), Difono (Greece), ECM Records (Germany), The Journal (U.K), Kathimerini (Greece)




Provence to Pondicherry (2016) by Tessa Kiros Quadrille Book (U.K.) Best Food and

Travel Book 2016 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards

Limoncello and Linen Water (2012) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

Food from many Greek Kitchens (2010) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

The Venetian Journal (2009) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

Venezia (2008) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

Piri Piri Starfish (2007) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

Stylish Mediterranean in Minutes (2006) by Sophie Braimbridge. Kyle Cathie (U.K)

Apples for Jam (2006) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)

Falling Cloudberries (2004) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia) Best Hardcover

Recipe Book 2005 , World food Media Awards

Ketty of Cafe Abyssinia (2003) by Ketty Koufonikola. Livanis (Greece)

Twelve (2002) by Tessa Kiros. Murdoch Books (Australia)




"Paradise" Piree Art Space. Piraeus (Greece) 2016

"Counting Power" Rich Mix ZealousX Festival London (UK) 2016

"Converted" - HackneyWick Takeover- Victoria &Albert Museum, London (UK) 2014

"Chords" - ZealousX London (UK) 2013

"De-Frag" Athens Month of Photography (Greece) 2005